Introducing the world’s most advanced sports bottle!

The PROMiXX™ Vortex Mixing Technology™ effortlessly mixes your nutritional supplements with the touch of a button, creating the world’s smoothest supplement mixes, shakes and drinks.


The Power of Nature. Unleashed in Your Hand.

PROMiXX™ fluid dynamics unleashes theincredible mixing power of nature’s vortex, for the smoothest blends on the planet!
Lumpy shakes, powdery supplement drinks and time consuming mixes are now a thing of the past. The PROMiXX™ vortex stimulates nature’s very own implosion reaction to oxygenate and re-energise your water – science tells us it could even improve bioavailability too…

the evolution of sports bottle technology is here.

Engineered Blunt Blade
Leak Proof Sports Cap
1-Twist Detachable Motor

What Can I Mix In My PROMiXX™? *

Designed for liquid and powder mixing or liquid substance blending, the PROMiXX™ opens up a world of mixing possibilities… From protein supplements, fruit or vegetable supplements, through to omelettes, milk shakes, baby formula or even your favourite cocktails!

* PROMiXX™ use extends far beyond our small list. But PROMiXX™ is not intended for solid food products!

Great on the go… Genius in the Gym!

The perfect partner for every workout! Whether pre, post or intra- workout formulas, PROMiXX™ is the ultimate fitness accessory (just ask our athletes!).